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1.5/2.0/2.4 mini locking system instrument kit

2.7mm/3.5mm Variable Angle LCP Elbow System

6.0 Posterior Thoracolumbar Screw-rod Instrument Kit

ABS Anesthesia Trolley

ABS Anesthesia Trolley 08

ABS Baby Cart

ABS Baby Cart With Weighing Function

ABS Bedside Cabinet

ABS Emergency Trolley

ABS Emergency Trolley 023

ABS Medicine Trolley

ABS Treatment Trolley

Advanced Bedside Cabinet

Air Mattress

Ambulance Chair Stretcher Trolley

Ambulance Stretcher Trolley

Anatomic femoral interlocking nail instrument kit

Anatomic humeral interlocking nail

Anatomic Humeral Interlocking Nail Instrument Kit

Anatomic tibia interlocking nail

Anatomic Tibia Interlocking Nail Instrument Kit II

Anterior cervical vertebra system

Attendant Chair

Attendant Sofa

Attendant Sofa-bed

Baby Cart


CCU Electric Bed

Cervical fixation systemⅡ

Convoluted Foam Mattress

Distal femoral anterior arch locking plate

Distal femoral medial locking plate

Distal fibular locking plate

Distal fibular posterolateral locking plate

Distal radius locking system 2.4

Distal tibia airfoil locking plate

Distal tibia medial locking plate

Distal tibia-fibular trimalleolar system

Electric Cardiac Bed

Electric Gynecology & Obstetric Table

Electric Home Care Turn-over Bed with Bedpan

Electric Hospital ICU Bed

Electric ICU

Electric Obstetrics & Delivery Bed(LDR)

Electric Operation Table

Electric Ophthalmological Operation Table

Electric Rotating Nursing Chair Bed

Electric Turning Bed

Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table

External fixation

Five Function

Five Function Electric Bed

Five Function Electric Children Bed

Five Function Extra Low Electric Bed

Five Function Hydraulic Bed

Five Function ICU/CCU Electric Bed

Five Function Manual Bed

Five Function Manual Children Bed

Flat Pediatric Bed

Flat Sponge Mattress

Foldable Stretcher

Four Function Manual Orthopedic Bed

Gamma interlocking nail Ⅳ(PFN)

Gamma interlocking nail(PFNA)

Halogen Examination Lamp

Helicopter Stretcher

Hospital Folding Bed

HPL Bedside Cabinet

Hydraulic Lifting Mortuary Trolley

Hydraulic Patient Transportation Stretcher Cart


ICU/CCU Electric Bed

Information System Trolley

Knee joint high osteotomy instrument kit

Knee-joint Osteotomy System

Luxury Baby Crib

Manual Home Care Turn-over Bed with Bedpan

Manual Hydraulic Operation Table

Manual Obstetrics & Delivery Bed(LDR)

Mattress for Orthopaedic Bed With Oxford Cover

Mattress With Oxford Cover

MDF Bedside Cabinet

Metal Treatment Trolley

Minimally invasive spinal internal fixation

Minimally invasive spinal internal fixation type Ⅰ

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm 03

Monitor Trolley

Multi-Function GYN Examination Table

Multi-Function Orthopedic Frame

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